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1.8 million Ghanaians Invested $200Million In Menzgold – Amanda Clinton



A report by Class News has it that a private legal practitioner, Amanda Clinton, who is serving as Counsel for several aggrieved investors of troubled gold-trading firm Menzgold Ghana Limited, has revealed that as many as 1.8 million Ghanaians invested in the firm during its five-year operations.

And within that period, at least $200 million dollars were invested – the highest single investment being $6 million.

Since August 2018, the company, owned by 32-year-old Nana Appiah Mensah, has not been able to pay extra values earned on investments to its clients nor their principal capital, after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked Menzgold to stop its gold vault market operations over regulatory infractions.

In Ms Clinton’s view, the government of Ghana must, in a way, intervene in the debacle by giving Ghanaians a full report about how a company that was given several warnings by the regulators to stop operations over the five years, still managed to attract so many customers and have so much money pass through its vaults as an “unregulated” business.

She told Samson Lardi Anyenini on Multi TV Saturday, 29 December 2018 that the SEC should have stopped Menzgold from operating “within the first week”, since, according to her, there were too many red flags to ignore.

“Before $200 million was pumped into an unregulated company, the first week, Menzgold should have been shut down for three reasons. The first reason is they’ve opened as a bank twice; the same people opened as a bank twice and then they come to you with a different name and then you try to look into them, that’s a red flag because you are the same people and you’re trying to take deposits. The second issue, February of 2017, the Chairman of the finance committee of parliament comes out and says: ‘Look, as of February 2017, we had a meeting with Menzgold and we told them they are an illegal outfit. And, so, an illegal outfit as of February 2017 categorically isn’t shut down immediately?” Ms Clinton wondered.

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Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, who referred to the Menzgold clients as “greedy” people on, at least, two different occasions, has already said the government will not spend a pesewa of state funds in paying the locked-up funds.

Menzgold petitioned parliament’s select committee on finance to mediate an amicable resolution of its differences with the regulators, but the lawmakers said there was nothing they could do to help the situation.

The ranking member of the committee, Cassiel Ato Forson, urged the state to confiscate all assets of the company and its CEO Nana Appiah Mensah, sell them off and use the proceeds to pay off the clients.

Nana Appiah Mensah is currently out of the country – his whereabouts unknown.


WATCH VIDEO: S3x worker shocks Twitter with airplane toilet licking selfie video



A sex worker has shocked social media users after uploading a sickening toilet licking selfie video.

The gender-fluid passenger – who identifies as neither man or woman –  posted the footage on Twitter under the handle ‘grimiestt’ on March 18.

Grimiestt can be seen bending over the airplane toilet and licking the seat.

The 12-second video has gathered over 6.25 million views and 9,500 comments.

It was captioned: “I’ve licked a lotta toilets in my day but this was the first that made my tongue go numb.”



Thousands of web users reacted in shock and disgust as one person commented: “Imagine going on a trip with someone then as you get off the plane you see this on their story…”

One user wondered: “What do you gain from this?” as another jokingly replied: “Hepatitis C yaaaa”.

Another asked ‘grimiestt’ if the seat was cleansed beforehand.

‘grimiestt’ answered: “yes and yes but shh don’t tell it ruins the movie magic.”

The sex worker posted on Twitter later claiming to be in Barcelona.

A further Twitter post read: “Can’t believe Twitter made me famous for licking a toilet”.




source: Mirror



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One-Year-Old Baby Stolen At Takoradi Market Circle – Share To Help Find Him



Image result for One-Year-Old Baby Stolen At Takoradi Market Circle

Traders at the Takoradi Central Market popularly known as “Market Circle” are yet to come terms with the reality after a woman, believed to be in her forties, bolted away with a one- year-old baby boy last Friday.

Police and residents of Takoradi are on a manhunt for the suspect; a middle-aged woman who stole the year-old baby boy from her mother at the Takoradi Market Circle.

Image result for One-Year-Old Baby Stolen At Takoradi Market Circle

The suspect who was dressed in a long dress with a veil covering her face is alleged to have pretended to be shopping in the market and engaged the victim’s mother, Nana Akosua, in a hearty conversation to the extent that the two started speaking local dialect Ewe.

The unidentified suspect requested to assist Nana Akosua to hand over her baby boy to her to relieve her so could serve customers better.

The one-year-old Francis Mawusi Ahiabenu was stolen at the market Friday

The suspect then took the one year old boy and his siblings to a nearby pastries shop and bought them some, and later returned the siblings leaving the one year old boy with the pastries seller.

The suspect then promised to return the boy but subsequently bolted away with the boy without the mother noticing.

Later, the victim’s mother, realising their absence at the pastries shop , raised an alarm but it was too late to trace the whereabouts of her baby.

The frustrated mother began searching for her baby but could only get footage of her missing baby and the suspect from some banks whose CCTV captured them.

The Takoradi police has since launched a manhunt for the suspect and the baby.

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Source: Graphic.com.gh

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Video: Ashesi University Founder Dresses Like Female…



Imagine the founder of one of Ghana’s respected universities shows up one day to the campus dressed up in all-female attire?

That will definitely turn heads, right?

Image result for Video: Ashesi University Founder Goes ‘Crazy’, Dresses Like Female

Well, the founder of Ashesi University College, Dr Patrick Awuah Jnr. did exactly that – he went all crazy when he joined some of his students to shoot a promo for ‘Ashesi Crazy Day 2019’.

Dr Awuah Jnr., in the video, wore a wig, a white T-shirt, a green skirt and heels to match.

Tagged as ‘Crazy Boy’ in the video, he joined the students sing and dance to King Ayisoba, Mokin, Wanlov the Kubolor Kwaw Kese’s 2014 tune ‘Look Ma Shoe’.

Image result for Video: Ashesi University Founder Goes ‘Crazy’, Dresses Like Female

The Ashesi University College founder shared the video on Facebook with the caption: “Ashesians, in the spirit of Crazy Day tomorrow, here’s to not to taking ourselves too seriously! Played my part, now it’s over to you, Ashesi Student Council. #atAshesi.”

Watch the video below:


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