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10 Things Ghanaian Girls Say Instead Of ‘I Love You’



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By nature, women are shy to be the ones to propose or be the first to break the ‘I love’ you ice. But I believe Ghanaian women are worse when it comes to expressing their feelings.”They can’t tell you to your face “I love you” because of some archaic societal norms.

No matter how much they have fallen for a guy, they will still beat around the bush whiles using shyness as the excuse to express their feelings.

Luckily, there are several expressions they use when they are into you and want you to approach them with a love proposal.

233ghana.com presents you with 8 basic things Ghanaian Girls Say Instead Of ” I Love You”.

1. ‘ I don’t want your girlfriend to come and beat me o!’

Women are clever creatures. She wants to know if it’s safe for her to keep crushing on you. You know not every lady want to share a man. She asks you that question to find out if you have a girlfriend or not.

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WATCH VIDEO: Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice



Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice

Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice

The lady behind the popular voice for the famous MTN customer care voice has been uncovered and you’ll be glad to know she’s an African.

She is a South African actress identified as Kgomotso Christopher.

Kgomotso Christopher who was spotted in a video recording the popular “you have insufficient

funds please recharge“ among other services offered by MTN, is said to be an educated actress who graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA.

While many network subscribers had unconsciously linked the voice to a white woman, Kgomotso Christopher who took to her twitter account to confirm the revelation revealed she’s been in the business for over six years.

She wrote;

“Yep. I am glad you remember what I’ve always said. Remember I said for long

voicework was my main income stream because I had no fulltime acting work…in

fact it was this consistent MTN work I was referring to.

I am sure some of them are. They still use the recordings made with the previous

voice artist before I started doing the prompts in 2012

The recordings are called (ivr) internal voice recording. So the established

style/tone of the recording voice.

i have done the voice for a while. But there were other artists who may be white

who also did and those recording are still also used. Also, when I am not available,

they use a similar voice, so the MTN phone voice stays consistent”.

The star made this secret known to fans on Thursday and they were shocked.

In a clip posted to Instagram, Kgomotso is seen recording phrases for MTN’s interactive

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voice response (IVR) system.

“Greetings from the MTN lady who tells you when ‘you have insufficient airtime

to make this call’,” Kgomosto captioned the clip.

Watch video below:


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4 reasons why couples should sleep nhaked




4 reasons why couples should sleep nhaked

Sleeping in the nude encourages people to be more emotionally intimate and open with one another.

1. Improves relationships

Sleeping naked promotes intimacy among couples. Close contact with a significant other can massively boost the amount of oxytocin in your brain. This hormone is the neurotransmitter which helps you feel those impulsive good feelings to your other half.

2. Men’s fertility

A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Development at Stanford University found that men who slept in the nude instead of wearing boxer shorts or briefs had a 25 percent lower rate of damaged DNA in their sperm than men who did wear them. Fertility may decrease as sperm gets overheated.

3. More steamy sex

Sex is a great form of exercise and a stress reliever. If you and your partner regularly sleep naked next to each other, the likelihood is that you’ll have more sex than you would when wearing those restrictive PJs.

4. More refreshed mornings

Often when you wake up from a night’s sleep in your preferred form of pajamas, you feel clammy and sticky from sweating during the night. Reserve the pajamas for those menstrual days.

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Okyeame Kwame’s Daughter Launches Hairline For Children (VIDEO & PHOTOS)



Okyeame Kwame’s Daughter Launches Hairline For Children

Okyeame Kwame’s Daughter Launches Hairline For Children

Santegenius Antwiwaa Nsiah-Apau, daughter of prolific rapper Okyeame Kwame has released her hairline which is specifically formulated for kids.

Sante is the second child of the OK family after her brother, Sir Kwame Bota.


The products are super soft; and in the package she gives tips on how to take care of a child’s hair.

There are four variant packages so far which are: Naa Deila Jumbo, Antwiwaa Kinky,

Nuna Wavy and Samira Curls.

This hairline is part of a mother company by name ‘Santes Hair’ which caters to adult hair needs.

The mother company is however owned by Sante’s auntie, Xonia Antwiwaa Sonoh-Adjei, with whom they share the same middle name (Antwiwaa).

Also, the Santes Hair for Kids is one of series of products that are being launched by UNICEF Ambassador Okyeame Kwame and his family.

The young entrepreneur took to Instagram to make this announcement.

Meanwhile, the OK family recently launched ‘OK Impressions’, a pyjamas line made of African fabric.

These are  however part of initiatives by the OK Family to project arts and tourism from all angles.

In the fashion world, Okyeame Kwame and his family have earned a high place as people adore their sense of fashion.

Sante, just like her brother Sir Bota, has great interest in music and arts.

After releasing ‘Saucing’ last year, they have released ‘Read,’ a music project to encourage people to cultivate the habit of reading.

check Sante’s IG post below;

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