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‘An Orgasm Left Me Paralyzed’ – Woman Explains





A mom has revealed how having sex with her husband led to her having a stroke that left her permanently paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

Juliet Asantewaa, 38, from Bantama, Kimasi in the Ashanti Region, found herself on the brink of death after she was hit by an excruciating headache after climaxing with her engineer husband Tony five years ago.

At the time, the mom-to-be was six months into her pregnancy and went in a medically-induced a coma after a series of strokes left her permanently paralyzed down her left side.

Headaches after sex weren’t uncommon for Asantewaa, but on that faithful day, she experienced a sharp pain above her right eye that left her unable to sleep.

She said: “I was writhing on the bed in agony and crying when Tony phoned my mom.”

“I’ve experienced what’s known as post-orgasm ‘thunderclap head-pain’ all through my adult life.”

“The pain I usually have after orgasm is a bit like brain-freeze – quite painful but never lasts long.”

“But after a while, I realized it just wasn’t going away.”

She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and said she started to panic when she was unable to speak.

Asantewaa said: “I thought I might be having a brain hemorrhage. After that, it was a blur. All I remember is confusion, dreams, and reality mixed together, fear ….”

She was put into an induced coma to let her brain rest and during that time, she had brain surgery – a craniotomy where part of her skull was cut open to release the pressure on her brain.

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The doctors were worried that the baby was going to need to be delivered and there was an emergency delivery team on standby.

Fortunately, further scans revealed the baby was fine and after six days, Asantewaa finally emerged from the coma, but paralyzed.

Asantewaa said: “Waking after a coma is nothing like it is in the movies. It’s a slow and confusing process.”

“I was extremely distressed – suicidal at times – and I refused to acknowledge that I‘d survived a stroke.”

Asantewaa had in fact survived a series of strokes: one initial stroke, followed by four more while scans were being performed.

After a further three months in the hospital, Asantewaa was allowed home for two days, then after that she was straight back in for a planned C-section.

Asantewaa revealed she would love to run around the park with her daughter like the other moms do with theirs, but because she’s now wheelchair-bound and that’s just not possible.

Referring to the way her face had collapsed after the stroke, she said: “The only bit of me that’s spontaneously recovered is my ‘wonk-face!’”

“I am totally paralyzed down my left side. I’m a full-time wheelchair-user.”

The mom hopes that stem cell therapy could one day help her regain some of her movement, but she wonders if her paralysis could have been prevented.

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Up Close & Personal With Mista Silva (All You Need To Know About The Multi-talented Musician Making Waves)





Fast rising Ghanaian musician known in real life as Papa Kwame Amponsa and known by his stage name as Mista Silva, is a British-Ghanaian musician from Brockley, London. Mista Silva released his debut EP, Full Vim, in 2012. Its success led to a record deal with Polydor in 2014.

Mista Silva has incredible collections of solid Afro Pop & Hip-Hop cuts that are set to push him even further into the music industry.

In  a recent one on one interview with Mista Silva, he revealed more about his life and career – below is the up-close and personal with Mista Silva;


What’s an average day like for you?

An Average day of mine consist of the following, when I wake up i reflect on life and give thanks to God for allowing me to see another day which will allow me to continue the work & share gift of my talents from God, I do this via meditation in my thoughts or prayer.

Once I do this I then start my day, by checking/composing emails & messages related to my field of work, once I’ve completed that I sometimes like to exercise, and after that I begin work in the studio to create music, so long as I don’t have any other appointments to attend to.

What drew you to the music industry?

For me I would say we have music, which is one entirety and industry being the other, music being from God and Industry being something humans have made.

I was drawn to music by God, as my musical talent is from him via my Dad. My Dad is someone who loves music so growing up I’ve been surrounded by music weather it be at home or at church… or within my local area, I see music as a natural part of my DNA.

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Now the industry is a different place
Which requires more business accord & is more money orientated and I would say I’m more about the music element of things more than the business side. But the business side is important in the world we live in to today. But the music side comes first for me as I see music as the voice of the soul that talks to our spirits.

IMG_0463 - Copy.jpg

Which famous musicians influenced you and How?

Musicians that have influenced me are;

Bob Marley – I say Bob Marley because his music was very spiritual and powerful to the world, his music carried positive vibrations that influences generations until now. I believe he is a prophet in music from God

Castro – I say Castro because growing up he is an artist which his music I connected well to, he allowed me to connect with my Ghanaian roots and Culture while living in the diaspora, he is a revolutionary artist of this era of life especially within Ghana/African music industry. He is also a man that mentored me before he went missing
And gave me great encouragement towards my music.

Skepta – I say Skepta because he is an act with shows great belief in his ability no matter what he always keeps on going and pushing boundaries, also he is of African decent and making success waves which for me give me confidence In being proud about my heritage.

How do you balance your music with other obligations ?

For me Music is part of my purpose in life so with regards to balance, it’s about making sure that I set my priorities straight. So long as I’ve done what I need to do musically then there will always be time for what is necessary outside of that

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Do you collaborate with others? — What is the process?

Yes I do collaborate with other in many forms, for example I collaborate with artist, photographers, videographers, stylist, engineers.

To be honest or the process I just network and reach out to people I feel and try and make us work on projects related to the field of work.

What is your favorite part about this line of work, Your least favorite and Why?

My favorite part of the work is when I create or perform the work and people connect and gain an energy from it which I pray helps them.

My least favorite is the egos & negative side of the industry, those elements can block the purpose of music.


Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Naturally you become anxious/ nervous before a show, but I always pray or have positive thoughts about what I am about to do, and once I hit the stage I hit a new element which none of the comes to mind. I’m just connect with the music & audience during performances.

Your favorite among your songs?

So far my favorite song is Goes Down


Do you have an upcoming EP or Album ?

At the moment I am just working on singles, my latest album was ‘Out Of The Darkest’ which is available across all digital music streaming platforms. i.e iTunes, Spotify, + more

How do we access your songs them?

Currently my songs are on all digital music streaming platforms i.e iTunes, Spotify, + more also via YouTube and VEVO

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Homechow App: Good food, Great Price (The Best Mobile App Fast Food Service In Ghana) – Food Review



Having made a name in operating within a few selected areas in Accra, with hopes of expanding even further, Homechow App brings a modern, mouthwatering take on Ghanaian Fast Food Services to your doorstep.

Image result for homechow food GHANA


What’s the draw?

I got a one of their jollof packs which I ordered via their app I downloaded from Google Play Store delivered to me for lunch and my taste buds are so happy!

Image result for homechow food GHANA

The jollof rice also came with 2 huge pieces of fried chicken and very fresh with just the right amount of spices and some vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, onions, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots) — I like the Homechow App  fried Chicken because it’s better than those I have tasted with other fast foods and I hope I don’t get flamed for this.

The flavor was intense.  The Fried Chicken was also not too spicy.  The seasoning permeated the chicken so well that every mouthful was bursting with fried goodness.  I was a little sad that the meat only consisted of a chicken leg (drumstick and thigh), as I could have eaten much more.  Nonetheless, this stuff was really good.  I can’t wait to have it again

Homechow App shito (black pepper) had an excellent flavor, the jollof rice was very flavorful and moist. Homechow App Jollof Rice….mmmm was very delicious, the only downside was not having enough!

One keen thing that caught my attention when the Homechow App Jollof Rice was given to me is their packaging; very nice, neat & attractive — there was no shito (black pepper) and oil spillage on the pack.

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The Dispatch Rider doing the delivery was super friendly, nice and very polite although he had a little problem locating an easy direction I gave him but I think adding the system of the New Ghana Digital Address System would probably help make locating customers very easy.

Despite Accra being a city where you can get your hands on just about any cuisine going, Homechow App food remains well represented.

Homechow App is working to change the fast food sphere by bringing a modern twist and a deft touch to traditional Ghanaian Fast Food cooking. They do delivery services to your door steps, with an expanded menu.

Given the levels of spice and the informal atmosphere at the comfort of your home, there’s an obvious choice with Homechow App : ranging from Asian noodles/goat, jollof rice, plain rice,waakye, fried rice e.t.c

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case it just made it very full of tasty food. This is the place to sample the dishes that form the heart of Ghana Fast Foods with affordable prices.

How To Get The “Homechow” App (the must have Ghanaian Fast Food App)

As we are changing how food, goods and services are delivered in Ghana, a Ghanaian food app dubbed Homechow App is providing a better on-the-go prepared meal service at an affordable cost.

The app which seeks to connect customers to vendors in the bid to speed up food delivery services also aims to give users access to sumptuous meals at affordable prices. The Homechow app allows users who sign up to place an order for their choice of food and have it delivered to them wherever they are.

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Image result for homechow food GHANA

In addition to the delivery, users can also opt to pick it up their ordered food at any Homechow App depot in Accra, especially when the vendor is closest to the user and wouldn’t want to pay a delivery fee.

The app’s menu features a variety of local and continental dishes, for lunch and supper, each priced at ₵5 and ₵10 and delivery also comes at an affordable price, all depending on the location at which the food will be delivered.


The good news is payment for both users and vendors is handled within the app. The app supports the various mobile money options in Ghana and the user can choose to pay cash on delivery.

To register and login, all you need is a mobile number and password combination. Currently, Homechow App operates in a few selected areas in Accra, with hopes of expanding even further. The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

The app also serves vendors who seek to carry and sell Homechow’s App meals.

Image result for homechow food GHANA

Homechow Appis a new Ghanaian food tech startup whose vision is to provide a better on-the-go prepared meal service at an affordable price.

For further information contact: +233-54-166-0773 or Visit their website on www.homechow.io


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WATCH VIDEOS: Meet the Ghanaian Lady With the Biggest Shocking Curves Ever!



They are the Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashians of West Africa and one of these hour-glass shaped model has been identified as Pamela Odame Watara.The name may not sound familiar but her face may and she’s gradually becoming a popular person because of the obvious.

Pamela Odame Watara is a model and a music vixen. Her mother is a Ghanaian and her dad a Kenyan but was born in Kenya and moved here at the age of 15…Pamela has an extraordinary hourglass shape and since joining Instagram she’s generated some attention because of the huge size of her breasts.

Pamela stated that, she noticed that her breasts started growing very big at the age of 14 and at the time one was getting bigger than the other, so her mom had to put foam in her bra to match it up but after some months the other one starting developing well to match up.


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