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Efia Odo’s Boyfriend Allegedly Gets His ‘Side Chick’ Pregnant



Revloe, boyfriend of actress and TV presenter, Efia Odo is reported to have impregnated another lady.

According to the post sighted by Ghaflagh.com on Instagram account ‘Thosecalledcelebs’,

the lady is reportedly three months pregnant already.

The post went on to claim that Revloe had not yet denied or confirmed that the lady

was pregnant or if the pregnancy was his.

An excerpt of the post read, “I was der one afternoon and i got a whole lot of messages from a lady….all her story is dat…her friend is pregnant for Revloe…dax Efiaodo supposed future husband in dream.”

The account further stated that even though Revloe and the said lady were in a ‘complicated’

relationship, Efia Odo was not happy about the fact the lady was allegedly pregnant for her boyfriend.

The post claimed Efia Odo always got angry when her boyfriend Revloe reportedly visited

the house of the alleged pregnant woman.

“…wen kwaku go to de lady’s house to give her chop money kraaa…der is fire on de mountain. …Efia kako go vex,” the post revealed.

‘Thosecalledcelebs’ went on to indicate that Revloe had reportedly settled to let the lady have

an abortion but the lady’s mother was not in support of the idea.

“…so Revloe has finalise de case dat….his preg girlfriend shld go n abort de baby..DAX BLASPHEMY wen i hear abortion. ..my sumfin go start paining me….de girl mum too has warn de daughter not to touch de unborn baby….”

Ghaflagh.com can however not ascertain the credibility of this allegation because many people

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have been against Efia and Revloe’s relationship right from the onset and that included ‘Thosecalledselebs’

The user and many others have on several occasions warned Efia to stop showing off Reveloe because he will not marry her.

Efia on the other hand has played deaf to all rumors and warnings from the public

about her relationship and has since followed her heart.

Efia Odo and Revloe took social media by storm after they were spotted in many love-inspired

photos and videos flaunting their relationship.

Revloe was seen in a photo with Efia Odo and her mum and it was alleged that the couple

were making plans of settling down together.


WATCH VIDEOS: Meet the Ghanaian Lady With the Biggest Shocking Curves Ever!



They are the Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashians of West Africa and one of these hour-glass shaped model has been identified as Pamela Odame Watara.The name may not sound familiar but her face may and she’s gradually becoming a popular person because of the obvious.

Pamela Odame Watara is a model and a music vixen. Her mother is a Ghanaian and her dad a Kenyan but was born in Kenya and moved here at the age of 15…Pamela has an extraordinary hourglass shape and since joining Instagram she’s generated some attention because of the huge size of her breasts.

Pamela stated that, she noticed that her breasts started growing very big at the age of 14 and at the time one was getting bigger than the other, so her mom had to put foam in her bra to match it up but after some months the other one starting developing well to match up.


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Rosemond Brown Reveals The Amount She Spent On New Car (VIDEO)



Rosemond Brown Reveals The Amount She Spent On New Car

Rosemond Brown Reveals The Amount She Spent On New Car

Actress, Rosemond Brown talks about her new car. Moreover, she revealed the amount she spent to acquire the new 2019 registered Kia Fort saloon car.

She spoke about it in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM. Furthermore, according to her, the car cost her to an amount close to 15,000 USD. The host pushed her to state the exact figure she used. However, Rosemond hesitated and refused to reveal.

Furthermore, the host asked how she got that huge amount of money from to pay that amount. The actress intimated that she had many ambassadorial contracts and advertising jobs in 2018. Also, they inlcuded the few acting and guest appearances she made at events.

Rosemond Brown also added that unlike the other celebrities, she saved her hard earned money to buy something substantial in her one-year involvement on social media and confidently confirmed that she works on social media through fooling for a living.

“When I get money I don’t spend it in my mouth, I don’t lavishly use it on luxurious trips around the world. People criticize me that I don’t do make-up but I want them to know what I use my money for…”

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WATCH VIDEO: Lilwin RepIies ACCUSERS Of NAM 1, Menzgold Customers & His New Rose Royce



Award-winning actor, Kojo Nkansah Lilwin describes Ghanaians. According to him, a section of the Ghanaian populace are very ungrateful and chameleons. Moreover, there suuported the name of Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) when things were good. However, now their stories are different.

He made these statements during an interview with Foster Aggor on Orange FM. The host asked him if he truly had savings with the collapsed company, Menzgold. He stated that he actually had some savings with the company. However, he was reluctant to publicly admit.

Also, he revealed that he was shy to talk about whether his money was at Menzgold. This was because he heard people say that all those who saved with the gold buying firm are very greedy. Therefore, he decided not to talk about it. This is in order not to be labeled as a greedy person.

Lilwin further started on the show that another thing that was quite shocking to him in all of these Menzgold brouhahas was how all of a sudden all the people who were enjoying with the name of NAM1 and hailing him decided to disassociate themselves and nail him.


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