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WATCH VIDEO: Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice



Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice

Meet The Beautiful Woman Behind MTN’s Customer Care Voice

The lady behind the popular voice for the famous MTN customer care voice has been uncovered and you’ll be glad to know she’s an African.

She is a South African actress identified as Kgomotso Christopher.

Kgomotso Christopher who was spotted in a video recording the popular “you have insufficient

funds please recharge“ among other services offered by MTN, is said to be an educated actress who graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA.

While many network subscribers had unconsciously linked the voice to a white woman, Kgomotso Christopher who took to her twitter account to confirm the revelation revealed she’s been in the business for over six years.

She wrote;

“Yep. I am glad you remember what I’ve always said. Remember I said for long

voicework was my main income stream because I had no fulltime acting work…in

fact it was this consistent MTN work I was referring to.

I am sure some of them are. They still use the recordings made with the previous

voice artist before I started doing the prompts in 2012

The recordings are called (ivr) internal voice recording. So the established

style/tone of the recording voice.

i have done the voice for a while. But there were other artists who may be white

who also did and those recording are still also used. Also, when I am not available,

they use a similar voice, so the MTN phone voice stays consistent”.

The star made this secret known to fans on Thursday and they were shocked.

In a clip posted to Instagram, Kgomotso is seen recording phrases for MTN’s interactive

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voice response (IVR) system.

“Greetings from the MTN lady who tells you when ‘you have insufficient airtime

to make this call’,” Kgomosto captioned the clip.

Watch video below:



Unseen Photos From Inna Real Life 2nd Year Anniversary



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Entertainment and Lifestyle Facebook group,Inna Real Life community is facebook group created by David Deuces Wallace and his executives for the Youth and young at heart and is one of the active groups on Facebook and is based in Accra ,Ghana.

Inna Real Life celebrated their 2nd year anniversary inside Event Hub, Opposite Highway View, close to Achimota Goil Filling stationa. .

Artists who showed up include Criss Waddle, Medikal, Kwesi Arthur, Kofi Mole, Bullet Man, Ato Quamina, Frequency Rap, Natty Lee (member of SM Militant), Lamar Gang, Talaat Yarky and many other talented artists was present

It was a moment of joy as Inna Real Life members from all walks of life did their best to meet up.

Below are some photos from the event:

inna real life second anniversary

inna real life second anniversary

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‘An Orgasm Left Me Paralyzed’ – Woman Explains





A mom has revealed how having sex with her husband led to her having a stroke that left her permanently paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

Juliet Asantewaa, 38, from Bantama, Kimasi in the Ashanti Region, found herself on the brink of death after she was hit by an excruciating headache after climaxing with her engineer husband Tony five years ago.

At the time, the mom-to-be was six months into her pregnancy and went in a medically-induced a coma after a series of strokes left her permanently paralyzed down her left side.

Headaches after sex weren’t uncommon for Asantewaa, but on that faithful day, she experienced a sharp pain above her right eye that left her unable to sleep.

She said: “I was writhing on the bed in agony and crying when Tony phoned my mom.”

“I’ve experienced what’s known as post-orgasm ‘thunderclap head-pain’ all through my adult life.”

“The pain I usually have after orgasm is a bit like brain-freeze – quite painful but never lasts long.”

“But after a while, I realized it just wasn’t going away.”

She was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and said she started to panic when she was unable to speak.

Asantewaa said: “I thought I might be having a brain hemorrhage. After that, it was a blur. All I remember is confusion, dreams, and reality mixed together, fear ….”

She was put into an induced coma to let her brain rest and during that time, she had brain surgery – a craniotomy where part of her skull was cut open to release the pressure on her brain.

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The doctors were worried that the baby was going to need to be delivered and there was an emergency delivery team on standby.

Fortunately, further scans revealed the baby was fine and after six days, Asantewaa finally emerged from the coma, but paralyzed.

Asantewaa said: “Waking after a coma is nothing like it is in the movies. It’s a slow and confusing process.”

“I was extremely distressed – suicidal at times – and I refused to acknowledge that I‘d survived a stroke.”

Asantewaa had in fact survived a series of strokes: one initial stroke, followed by four more while scans were being performed.

After a further three months in the hospital, Asantewaa was allowed home for two days, then after that she was straight back in for a planned C-section.

Asantewaa revealed she would love to run around the park with her daughter like the other moms do with theirs, but because she’s now wheelchair-bound and that’s just not possible.

Referring to the way her face had collapsed after the stroke, she said: “The only bit of me that’s spontaneously recovered is my ‘wonk-face!’”

“I am totally paralyzed down my left side. I’m a full-time wheelchair-user.”

The mom hopes that stem cell therapy could one day help her regain some of her movement, but she wonders if her paralysis could have been prevented.

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Ghanaian Model Gives Men Blue Balls With This Provocative Santa Photos (+18)



A set of alluring photos of a young Ghanaian model dressed as the legendary Christmas figure Santa, which was released on Instagram, is likely to hypnotise some men.

The model, Akosua Parker, is captured in suggestive poses wearing a collection of Santa lingerie labelled ‘Naughty December’.

With the revealing outfit, the model who calls herself “self-made celebrity,” was spot-on in bringing out the theme of the lingerie that were put up for sale by a local online shop for persons who intend to spice up their love and sex life during the yuletide.

The photos have received over 1, 500 likes on Instagram.

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