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Mother Solved Her Wrinkled After Birth By Dipping Lemon Into Salt & Rub, Recovers After A Week



After childbirth mothers have to deal with the issue of lots of stretch marks forming on their belly and sometimes, it can be unpleasant and it brings pains to some people but there’s a home remedy to remove such stretch mark after pregnancy with this simple easy to do steps.

It’s worked for almost everybody and so, if you want to get rid of those stretch marks after pregnancy, follow the steps below:

Option 1: Lemon juice

Cut a pair of lemons squeeze the juice into small cups and pour a little warm water in a ratio of 1:

1. Take a cotton cloth dipped in lemon juice and apply to the abdomen in a circular motion, concentrated in the skin having colored creases. Wash the mixture on the skin after 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water.



Option 2: Lemon juice, olive oil, and vitamin E.

Prepare materials:

– half lemonade

– 1 tsp olive oil (bought at supermarket).

– 2 tablets of vitamin E.


– Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bowl, add the olive oil and the vitamin E. Use a spatula to mix a homogeneous mixture.

– After bathing, the mixture is prepared to be applied to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and stretch marks.

– Leave until dry, then wipe clean, done twice a day in the morning and evening.

This method just helps the skin to fade the ugly brown reef to provide moisture to soft skin smooth.

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You’re Stupid If You Migrate To Menzgold Online Platform – Kennedy Agyapong Fires (Video)




Kennedy Agyapong

The MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has waded into the Menzgold brouhaha again, this time around, lashing it out on customers of the company who have decided to migrate their investments unto their online platform, Menzgold Global.

Kennedy Agyapong who said this without fear on Adom TV’s ‘Badwan’ posited that, the online platform introduced by Menzgold is another clevel scheme to steal from Ghanaians by the owners of the company and as such no sensible person would fall for it.

Kennedy Agyapong who was vociferous in his submission added that the assets of the company and that of its directors should be seized and sold to pay off the principals of those who invested with the company.

He added that lots of Ghanaians have invested heavily with the company and some are even shy to disclose the amount they invested in the company and that some people are dying inwardly but cannot speak out because of fear of being mocked for being ‘greedy’.

Menzgold Ghana was shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission in September after the company failed to submit certain documents demanded by SEC.

Although the company threatened a legal action and hired international lawyers to defend them in court, so they can be made to continue operation, little has been heard about the progress of that issue so far.

Nana Appiah in his first public interview on Zylofon FM recently, stated that although SEC and BoG were just carrying out their mandated duties, he didn’t find the licenses they wanted him to get necessary.

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In his interview, he urged customers to migrate their investments from Menzgold Ghana to Menzgold Global, so they can continue enjoying their extra-value payments. In a press statement, the company had said it was going to pay 15% of principal starting from 9th November for those who wish to terminate their contract with the company.

Ken has been an ardent critic of the company, describing Nana Appiah as a small boy and revealed that he had sent people to him in the past to get him to invest in his company but he drove them away.

Watch the full video below:

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Woman Sues Her Ex Due To His “Abnormally Long” P£nis That Stretched Out Her [email protected]



Silindile Mangena, 29, from Harare, Zimbabwe, said that her [email protected] was ‘tight’ before she met her ex, Mugove Kurima, in 2016. Kurima, 37, who was reportedly married at the time of the stretching, met Mangena, fell in love and started a relationship.

However, she told the Zimbabwe Mail that she slammed on the brakes to this relationship in May after his p3nis had stretched her out so much that she now claims no man can fill the void that her ex left.

As of press time, it has not been confirmed how big his p3nis actually is. She now wants to have [email protected] reconstructive surgery which costs a massive $9,000 and is taking him to court in order to have him pay the fee.

Kurima has not yet responded to the allegations.

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Man Dies From Electrocution While Testing New S£X Doll – WATCH VIDEO



Related image

Related image

31-year old Barry Smith died yesterday while testing a new s£x doll he was attempting to create. He was not satisfied with the current s£x dolls in the market, so he decided he was going to create a brand new s£x doll which would beat the rest. “Innovation is key”, he said once.

Image result for sex doll

His goal was to create new s£x doll with fake orgasms, fake moans, which can move on top of your like a real woman. He also wanted it to be able to perform fellatio.

Related image

Unfortunately, during the testing process of a prototype, he was electrocuted. He died on his way to the hospital.

Image result for sex doll

His brother, Larry Smith, said he was going to retake the project, even if he needs to die in the process as well. “Sacrifices must be made in the name of science”, he said.

Click here to watch VIDEO


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