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Shatta Wale “Shuts UP” Prophet Adom for saying he’ll die this December



Shatta Wale

Prophet Stephen Kwadwo Adom on December 1st spewed out an unpleasant prophecy against Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale.

According to the founder and leader of Zion Miracle Worship Center, Shatta Wale would die through a car accident if he doesn’t take care.
He even mentioned the exact day that the sad event will happen, that is, 24th December 2018.

“God said I should tell Shatta Wale, If he’s not very careful, December, he will die in an accident, Amen…. Today is first December, He said I should tell Shatta Wale if he’s not very careful 24th he will be involved in an accident, this month”, Prophet Adom stated.

Watch video below:

Well, the issue has gotten to the ears of Shatta Wale and he’s not pleased at all.

In a Facebook post, the “Y3Koom” crooner asked Prophet Adom to shut up because he doesn’t know who God is.

He went on to say that if these so-called men of God keeps stepping on his toes, he’ll be forced to beat them up and the worse that could happen to him is that, he’ll be arrested.

Read his full statement below:


If you believe in yourself , you will always have that Shatta Wale spirit and tell ppl if you fool ago discipline you rough rough and the worst that will happen is police go arrest me but I don’t care cuz sincerely from my heart I know what I might have fought for !!! Cuz you see man deh try this BEAST over here and I repeat when I start , no man will stop me cuz I will fight with equal rights and justice as my HEAD TOPIC !!!!This is going on , no one is talking ,some will say ignore but I know how to start and finish .People are suffering in the system and all we have is RELIGIOUS MEN CREATING FOOLISH PANIC.. Ok I will do what I have to do to set that example always as usual so that what can come can come cuz nobody cares..Let whatever happen when I start I am ready to fight that course to change our motherland …Ghana don’t dare me and Don’t dare God !!!! CHIEF MUSICIAN DAVID FROM THE BIBLE HAS SPOKEN !!!

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A Ghanaian Politician Ashawo Daughter Video Leaked




A Ghanaian Politician Ashawo Daughter has landed in hot waters after her Nak£d video surfaces on the internet. The girl seems to look like a ‘hook up girl’ who charged the guys to send her Nak£d VIDEOS to them.

Of course we know, she’s not the first and not the only one involved in such activities but for the pictures to go viral out there is what has created the buzz.

Her demeanour on Social media is not anything to write home about and it’s almost like that’s what she does for a living.

In the said leaked tape, the girl who’s name is yet not known  gives one of the guys BJ while another fires her from the back.

We wish we could upload the pictures but our site policy and advertiser’s policy won’t allow us to do so as we are not a leaks site but an entertainment, lifestyle and fashion blog but as usual, we chip in the gossip when a particular leak goes extremely viral and everyone is talking about it.

To watch the photos at your own will, click on the next button to go to the next page for the steps to watch the video

So you still want to watch this photos huh? Okay, just follow the steps below

1.Ask yourself if you really want to watch this


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Ghana Ladies Who’re Used & Dumped By Several Men Have Smelly Anus – Rev Obofour (Video)




Rev Obofour

In our part of the world, we attribute every happening to spirituality especially in the area of relationships – marriages. In most cases, ladies who are finding it difficult to get married are of their view that their family witches and wizards are the causative agents of their calamities.

Contrary to the above popular perception, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (A. P. C), Reverend Obofour is of the view that most relationship issues are physical and nothing spiritual or whatsoever as contemporary ladies are made to believe.

According to the popular “man of God”, contemporary ladies are not respectful, therefore, they don’t take time to learn basic things especially in the area of personal hygiene and food preparation. As a result, these beautiful ladies can’t keep their men because they lack the above-mentioned necessities when it comes to relationships.

He noted that, the current crop of ladies take delight in fast food rather than cooking it on their own perhaps they don’t know how to prepare delicious meals. Besides, he cited personal hygiene as one major cause of relationships and breakups in marriage.

Reverend Obofour in a video sighted by emphatically stated that most of the beautiful ladies are walking with smelly anus and as a result can’t keep a man. He noted that, failure on the part of the ladies to learn basic personal hygiene growing up is the cause of all these mess.

Therefore, he will entreat young ladies who dream of getting married to a responsible man to take their personal hygiene as well as their cooking skills with all seriousness else there’s no way they can keep a man forever.

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Watch Video Below:

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I am still a virgin at 17 – Kumawood actress Yaa Jackson




Yaa Jackson

Teenage Kumawood actress and songstress, Yaa Jackson has denied ever kissing or having sex since she was born seeking to suggest she is still a virgin.

Though she admitted dating a lawmaker sometime past, she disclosed that sex was not part of the equation insisting that rumors she is indulged in sex are untrue and a fiction of some people’s imagination.

Speaking on the Delay Show we monitored, she said she has only heard about sex and kissing in movies and not done it in real life as many are trying to attribute her to.

Pressed to provide specific answers to certain claims she could not but admit she has kissed but denied ever engaging in sex though she admitted she has attained the age to do that.

“I have not had sex or kissed before….I have only heard about them in movies”, she revealed.

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