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‘This is daylight robbery’ -man laments over the amount of things presented to his bride’s family for introduction



A Nigerian man identified as MC Emmydon took to his Facebook page to complain about the amount of things his friend who recently got married to a lady from Imo state, presented to the bride’s family for their marriage introduction.

Sharing photos which show various sets of wrapper, bag of rice, bottles of wines, non-alcoholic drinks among others things as requested in the requirement list for their wedding introduction, Emmydon wrote;

This happened yesterday where I followed my friend to do a marriage introduction in IMO state Nigeria.this is daylight robbery.


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Meet the youngest Landlord in the world



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Dubai based billionaire Mompha buys his six years old son a multi million dollar mansion in Dubai somewhere last year on his birthday and referred to him as the youngest Landlord.

Mompha wrote;

“Owning your own home is one of the best feelings ever. It cant be described in words, it cant be quantitied in money. Home ownership is a feeling that makes life’s daily grind worth facing It reassures you that after all the ups and downs you have a place to go to…. A place that will never judge you and always invite you with open arms… Congrats My Son on ur New Home. Ur birthday Gift From Daddy.

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Mompha buys his six years old son house

He continued to say that, his six years old son Bobo deserve some accolade for being the youngest Landlord who wears Gucci and still owns a house.



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6 reasons why you should marry a Ghanaian nurse



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Marriage is a very important institution in Ghana. Choosing the right partner is very important as choosing the wrong partner can mar you. Several factors come to play when choosing a partner.

These factors include; ethnicity, financial status, religion, educational background and more recently, profession. Many people love to marry professional people such as doctors, engineers, journalists, nurses etc

Nurses are also professionals however, some Ghanaians have reservations about marrying nurses due to some stereotypes about them. People say they are rude, arrogant and whatnot. Well, its time to rid you of those notions. I will give you six reasons why you should take a nurse as a wife.

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After reading this article, any reservations you might have had about marrying a Ghanaian nurse in the past will be debunked. Now, here are six amazing reasons why you should marry a Ghanaian nurse.

Great listeners

The first reason why you should marry a Ghanaian nurse is that they are great listeners. Listening to patients is a crucial part of their profession, they listen attentively to the complaints of their patients take notes and offer a remedy to them.

In the same vein, when you marry a nurse, she will always make herself available to listen to your problems and reassure you or offer solutions.

You would never have to think about your problems alone if you marry a Ghanaian nurse. She would always be there to give a listening ear and a supportive shoulder.

You are assured of healthy and nutritious meals 

The first priority of a nurse is your total wellbeing as the core mandate of the nursing profession is ensuring their patients are healthy.

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They know about healthy foods and healthy life choices that will reduce your chances of falling ill.

So having a nurse as a wife means that you are ensured nutritious and healthy meals every day. A nurse would always opt for the most healthy alternative in the home ensuring that neither you or your kids fall ill.

Free Healthcare for you

When you marry a nurse, you are assured of free health care. With a nurse as a wife, she will give you medical advice free of charge. She can also inject you at home when you need to be injected. Since many people hate being injected by strangers.

Apart from treating you, she will also help prevent ailments.  She will recommend vitamins and dietary supplements to help you remain fit.

No more visiting the hospital and joining long queues. A smart choice right?

They have a charming personality

They have a charming personality

Have you noticed that most Ghanaian nurses are very pretty and approachable? When you marry a Ghanaian nurse, your friends will always envy you and shower praises on your wife.

Her smile would always lighten up your mood no matter what you are going through. Nurses strive to be approachable, amicable and open to their patients so that they can easily confide in them.

This quality of nurses would come in handy when you marry a nurse. She would be easily approachable and loving.

They take good care of their kids

Nurses are said to be great mothers. They know what do to during their pregnancies since it is their field. They are equipped with the requisite skills required to bring up a healthy child.

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They would nurture your children and ensure that they are healthy. So your children would have a live-in nurse at their disposal. Nice!


Nurses are naturally trained to take care of people and meet their needs. All men want a woman who can take care of them.

So, if you want a woman you can take care of you and pay attention to you always, your best bet is a nurse! She would be devoted to taking care of you and attending to your needs all your life. Awesome right?

Do you see the awesome benefits of marrying a  Ghanaian nurse? Literally, nothing can go wrong when you marry a Ghanaian nurse. I am already making plans to marry a nurse. What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Ghanaian nurse now!


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Meet Asantehene, His Wife And Children



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The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, was born on 6th May,1950. His name at birth was Barima Kwaku Duah, having been named after his paternal grandfather, Ohenenana Kwaku Duah (Nana Agari), Brahyiahene, who hailed from Kantinkyiren in the Atwima District in the Ashanti Region.

Otumfuo is the 3rd son and the 5th child of his mother, the late Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, Asantehemaa, who was blessed by Almighty God with three sons and two daughters

His two elder brothers, Barima Kwabena Poku and Barima Akwasi Prempeh and his younger sister Nana Ama Serwaa predeceased him, leaving him with his surviving elder sister, Nana Ama Konadu (currently the 14th Asanteheemaa, Nana Konadu Yiadom III) Otumfuo’s father.

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Otumfuo’s father was Ohenenana Kwame Boakye Dankwa, who also hailed from the village of Kantinkyiren in the Atwima District in the Ashanti Region. Ohenenana Boakye Dankwa succeeded his father, Nana Kwaku Duah Agari, as Brahyiahene.

At age five, Otumfuo was placed under the guardianship of his uncle, Oheneba Mensah Bonsu, who had been enstooled as Hiahene in 1952. This was to secure his proper upbringing and to school him in royal conduct.

Otumfuo’s primary education began in Kumasi and subsequently continued in 1964 at Sefwi Wiawso Secondary School in the Western North Region, under the tutelage of the Omanhene of Sefwi Wiawso, the late Nana Kwadwo Aduhene II, a cousin of Oheneba Mensah Bonsu, Hiahene.

Otumfuo’s secondary education was followed by Accountancy studies in 1971 at the then Institute of Professional Studies, (now University of Professional Studies, Accra). Opportunity knocked for Otumfuo to proceed to the United Kingdom to continue his tertiary education at the London Metropolitan University, from where he graduated in Human Resources Management and Public Administration.

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Rather than staying in academia to pursue post-graduate studies, Otumfuo jumped straight into the world of work in Canada and England.

In 1981, he worked as a senior consultant with the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company in Toronto, Canada.

In 1985, he returned to London, England, and took up an appointment as Personnel Manager at the Manpower Services Commission attached to Brent Council in London.

His strong passion for the Real Estate and Financial Services industries led him to abandon salaried employment.

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He established his private company, Primoda Financial Services Limited, with plush offices on Kilburn High Road, North West London.

This was in the mid 1980s, the booming era of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s property-owning Britain.

Mortgage Finance was in abundance and Otumfuo (then Barima Kwaku Duah) used his business acumen to forge useful contacts with bankers and mortgage financiers in the UK.

These valuable contacts propelled his real estate business.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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